20p/30p Earring Sets!!

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20p/30p Earring Sets!!

Please select the option you would like from the drop down menu, these items are £0.20/£0.30 per set.

Option 1
Mismatch Tear-Drop-Curl Earrings (2x single earrings)

1x Gold tear drop curl earring
1x Bronze gold tear drop curl earring
Mismatched but very similar in colour.



Option 2
Mixed Single Earring Set (5x single earrings)
1x Skull with heart eyes earring
1x Celtic silver/silver coated cross earring
1x Silver/Silver coated dolphin earring
1x Silver/silver coated semi circle earring with gem inset
1x Silver coated treble cleft earring with gem inset



Option 3
Mixed Single Earrings, Balls and Jewels. (5x single earrings)
1x Gold safety piercing (for new piercings) with dark pink gem
1x Red gem earring (small)
1x Black gem earring (medium)
1x Metallic silver ball (medium)
1x Silver ball earring (medium)